Who We Are

We are a team of analysts, researchers and strategists who believe in data-driven decisions.

The Insights Lab team combines custom qualitative and quantitative research with data science services to provide a competitive differentiation that drives consumer action.

We connect businesses, organizations and causes with local consumers, allowing them to get closer to the audience that matters most. We’re on a mission to bring smart, cost-effective data science and research services to the local level for our client partners.

Meet the Team

We are outdoor enthusiasts, sports junkies, movie buffs, learners and consumers who also happen to be talented analysts, researchers and strategists.

Combined, our team brings more than 70 years of experience in brand strategy, data science and marketing research.

David Lerchbacher

Founder & General Manager

David is a strategic and versatile business leader. He brings nearly 20 years of experience in developing and implementing innovative, customer centric, marketing and research strategies that align business operations with corporate objectives.

David is family man, sports enthusiast and handy man. His favorite activities include spending time with his loving wife, two young boys and two dogs, skiing and golfing.

Chelsea Schafer

Business Development Manager

Chelsea leads Insights Lab’s business development initiatives – cultivating relationships and working closely with clients to understand their needs and solve business problems through relevant, customized and competitive solutions.

Chelsea enjoys spending QT with her husband and young son, trying new breweries and food trucks, exploring in the mountains and trying to convince people that she isn’t Amy Poehler.

Kristin Minzenmayer

Consumer Insights Strategist

Kristin leads clients through qualitative and quantitative initiatives – always pushing to uncover rich and actionable insights. She’s an expert in leading consumer research and brand strategy projects for Fortune 500 companies and local businesses.

Outside the office, you can find Kristin on the volleyball courts, studying socialization through the life course in her master’s program, or teaching others to spell Minzenmayer via song.

Lauren Morrell

Business Development Manager

From traditional media and nontraditional digital marketing to running teams of sellers, Lauren’s experience spans many different verticals. Lauren strives to provide solutions to clients based on their unique needs and forge strong relationships.

Lauren loves spending time with her husband, daughter and two dogs. As a Colorado native, she can generally be found somewhere outdoors (probably with a beer).

Sidney Clewe

Consumer Insights Strategist

Sidney brings creative approaches and strategic thinking to her clients. She is focused on brand tracking, path to purchase studies and exploratory studies of all shapes and sizes. She believes market research can be a game changer for companies.

Sidney’s happy places include high mountain peaks, skiing through the trees, drinking a beer with friends, exploring small towns in Colorado and riding her bike everywhere in Denver.

Nick Beyer

Senior Consumer Insights Associate

With 30+ years in research, Nick is an expert in many areas including brand tracking, market segmentation and new product and service evaluations and launches. He is focused on launching quality quantitative studies that ask the right questions.

Nick’s best times are spent with friends and family around the kitchen table, cooking up a good meal enjoyed with a local Colorado brew or red wine. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Connie Jimenez

Consumer Insights Associate

Connie’s focus is on the TELL Panel. She develops and executes recruitment and engagement strategies while adding a charismatic personality to the TELL Panel brand. Connie has a background in advertising, marketing research and branding experience.

Connie’s happy places include Pilates studios, wineries (or anywhere with wine), her hometown in Venezuela and grandma’s Greek food.

Carlo Morales

Data Scientist

Carlo leads Insights Lab’s analytics and data science efforts. With diverse experience spanning basic descriptive statistics to more advanced engineering, predictive analytics and machine learning, Carlo provides innovative client solutions. Carlo’s education includes a B.S. in mathematics, and M.S. in mathematics with a concentration in applied statistics.

Carlo is a Colorado native and loves living in this state. When Carlo is not working he enjoys spending time with his family, riding his bicycle in the mountains, making modular origami and reading mathematics books.

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